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LEED Pilot Credit Library

Welcome to the LEED Pilot Credit Library on LEEDuser

The LEED Pilot Credit Library is intended to facilitate the introduction of new credits to LEED. The process allows projects to test more innovative credits that haven't been through USGBC’s complete drafting and balloting process. Projects who want to participate in a credit pilot need to register with USGBC on this page. Questions about pilot credits can be directed to USGBC at pilot@usgbc.org.

Through a special arrangement with USGBC, LEEDuser has posted the official language of the LEED pilot credits in order to make it more accessible to interested project teams. We have also posted a short summary introducing each credit, and each credit has an associated forum where project teams working on the credits can share their experiences and ask questions. USGBC encourages project teams to use this forum.

Process-Related Pilot Credits
PC5 Preliminary Integrative Project Planning & Design
PC6 Integrative Project Planning & Design
PC42 Integrated Process
PC48 Discovery—Analysis to Support Integrative Process
PC49 Implementing Synergies
PC60 Integrative Process
IPpc81 Green training for contractors, trades, operators and service workers
IPpc89 Social equity within the community

LEED O+M Starter Kit

IPpc90 Social equity within the project team
IPpc91 Social equity within the supply chain
IPpc93 Prevention Through Design
IPpc96 LEED Lab
IPpc101 Integrative Process
Location-Related Pilot Credits
PC9 Street Network
PC12 Reduced Automobile Dependence
PC13 Bicycle Network, Storage, and Changing Rooms
PC14 Walkable Streets
PC15 Parking Reduction
PC70 Green vehicles
Sites-Related Pilot Credits
PC7 Light Pollution Reduction
PC16 Rainwater Management
PC45 Site Assessment
PC55 Bird Collision Deterrence
PC64 Site Improvement Plan
PC75 Clean Construction
SSpc82 Local Food Production
SSpc83 Site development - protect or restore habitat - ACP
Water-Related Pilot Credits
PC10 Sustainable Wastewater Management
PC17 Cooling Tower Water Use
PC18 Appliance and Process Water Use Reduction
Energy-Related Pilot Credits
PC3 Medical and Process Equipment Efficiency
PC8 Demand Response
PC46 HVAC Commissioning
PC56 Renewable Energy—Distributed Generation
PC59 Occupant engagement
PC65 Monitoring Based Commissioning
PC66 Community Contaminant Prevention—Airborne Releases
PC67 Pilot Alternative Compliance Path: EA Prerequisite 2
EApc86 LEED 2009 EBOM ACPs for ISO 50001
EApc92 EA Pilot ACP: Advanced Buildings New Construction Guide
EApc95 Alternative Energy Performance Metric ACP
Materials-Related Pilot Credits
PC1 Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Building Assemblies and Materials
PC2 PBT Source Reduction: Dioxins and Halogenated Organic Compounds
PC11 Chemical Avoidance in Building Materials
PC19 Whole Building Reuse
PC20 Recycled Content
PC43 Certified Products
PC52 Environmentally Preferable Non-Structural Products and Materials—Prescriptive Attributes
PC53 Responsible Sourcing of Raw Materials
PC54 Avoidance of Chemicals of Concern in Building Materials
PC61 Material Disclosure and Assessment
PC62 Disclosure of Chemicals of Concern
PC63 Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment
PC69 Construction and Demolition Waste Management
PC76 Material Ingredient Reporting
PC77 Material Ingredient Optimization
PC79 Material ingredients product manufacturer supply chain optimization
PC80 Environmentally preferable interior finishes and furnishings
MRpc84 MR Credit Category Pilot ACP

Verified Construction & Demolition Recycling Rates


Legal Wood

MRpc103 Integrative Analysis of Building Materials
IEQ-Related Pilot Credits
PC4 Innovative Ventilation
PC21 Low Emitting Interiors
PC22 Lighting — Lighting Quality Only
PC23 Quality Views
PC24 Acoustical Performance
PC44 Ergonomics Strategy
PC57 Enhanced Acoustical Performance—Exterior Noise Control
PC68 Indoor air quality procedure - alternative compliance path
PC78 Design for Active Occupants
EQpc85 Learning Controls for Thermal Comfort
EQpc97 EQ Pilot ACP: ETS Control for Projects in Japan
EQpc105 Lead Risk Reduction

Learning controls for thermal comfort

Performance-Related Pilot Credits
PC25 Water Metering and Reporting
PC26 Advanced Energy Metering
PC27 Reconcile Designed and Actual Energy Performance
INpc104 Building Performance Pilot ACP
LEED-ND Pilot Credits
PC39 Mixed-Use Neighborhood Centers
PC40 Light Pollution
PC41 Wastewater Management
LEED for Homes Pilot Credits
PC28 Trades Training
PC29 Housing and Jobs Proximity
PC30 Alternative Transportation
PC31 Heat Island Reduction
PC32 WaterSense for New Homes
PC33 Performance of Energy Star for Homes
PC34 Design for Adaptability
PC35 Environmental Tobacco Smoke
PC36 Compartmentalization
PC37 Balancing of Heating & Cooling Distribution Systems
PC38 Advanced Utility Tracking
PC47 Acoustic Comfort
PC71 Performance of Energy Star for Homes
PC72 Active Solar-Ready Design
PC73 HVAC Start-Up Credentialing
PC74 No Environmental Tobacco Smoke