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by Paula Melton

Version 4.1 for BD+C and ID+C, coming out in December, is about creating “stepping stones,” not about changing the fundamentals.

A case study of Legrand’s triangulation between LEED, Better Buildings Challenge, and GHG emission reduction efforts

by Joshua Radoff

Buildings need renewables—but we need to look beyond the site.

by Joshua Radoff

The rainwater management credit in LEED v4 no longer incentivizes most green roofs, raingardens, and other LID and green infrastructure strategies.

by Paula Melton

Lots of credits are out, Interiors are in, and we’re seeing our first direct measurements of carbon in LEED.

LEED v4.1, a new iteration of the green building rating system will be piloted in 2018 with the goal of smoothing over rough spots

by Greg Kats

If LEED does not incorporate deep CO2 reductions as a requirement, it will fail its most important test of leadership

by Nadav Malin

If a new California law is successfully implemented, thanks in part to LEED's influence it will have a meaningful impact on carbon emissions from the supply chain.

by James Wilson

The city is first to earn a Platinum LEED for Cities certification, leveraging information technology to track progress toward a range of sustainability goals.

by Paula Melton

All LEED v4 prerequisites and six credits are now automatic for many commercial projects meeting the CALGreen code.

by James Wilson

The TRUE rating system helps businesses and facilities eliminate waste through education and performance tracking.

GBCI and USGBC have announced the class of 23 LEED Fellows for 2017.

Have you noticed that the LEED project management software field continues to thin out? Or maybe you haven't noticed, because you're not using it...

USGBC is honoring the following group next week at Greenbuild 2016 in L.A. for their volunteer hours, mentoring, organizational leadership, and innovation.

Following is the group being recognized this November at Greenbuild 2015 by USGBC for their volunteer hours, mentoring, organizational leadership, and innovation.