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Integrative Process

Achieving sustainability goals requires tapping into synergies between different building components and team members need to align their expertise towards common goals.


Benchmarks for Landscape Sustainability: Examining LEED and SITES

Sustainable landscapes need to be planned the same way as any green project- using a well-defined methodology. Various environmental impacts of landscapes need to be assessed and measured.


The Cost of LEED v4

With LEED v4, the U.S. Green Building Council did a “reboot” of the LEED rating system. Every credit category is filled with reinvented or completely new credits and prerequisites. The new LEED emphasizes an integrated process over checking easy credit boxes.


Life-Cycle Assessment, LEED v4, and Environmental Product Declarations

How to document the least implemented requirements in LEED v4 Materials and Resources credit category


Materials Transparency & LEED

This deep dive into the three Building Product Disclosure and Optimization (BPDO) credits in LEED v4 provides the rationale for why product choices are so important, the details on how to achieve points within the three credits, and which options you shouldn't bother pursuing.


Building as an Organism: Understanding the Integrative Process Credit in LEED v4 Projects

Understanding the Integrative Process Credit in LEED v4 Projects


LEED Energy and EQ Documentation Tips from LEED Reviewers

The most important tips on completing quality energy (EA) and ventilation (EQ) documentation for your LEED project, to have a smooth review process.


LEED Documentation Tips from LEED Reviewers

Mistakes in your LEED documentation mean extra reviews and possibly losing credits or your whole LEED certification. We sat down with GBCI reviewers to learn their top tips to making quality documentation.