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EBOM-2009 WEp1: Minimum Indoor Plumbing Fixture and Fitting Efficiency
posted by Agnieszka Rylska on Apr 28, 2015, 8:41 am

Dear All,
Our project is a high-class hotel. We are checking the compliance with WEp1 but we can't find what is the baseline for bathtubs.
Can we assume that tub is the same fixture...

Last reply: Maria Adelle Puse, Jun 1, 2023, 11:42 pm

Does LEED BD+C V4.1 is eligible precertification?

LEED Rating System Selection
posted by Ayesha Syeda on Jul 4, 2021, 9:25 pm

May I know if LEED BD+C v4.1 is eligible for recertification? If so please share the checklist.

Last reply: Elisabetta Spinozzi, Jun 1, 2023, 1:31 pm

HERS index- does a special rater required?

Homes-v4 EAc1: Annual energy use
posted by Chen Shalita on May 27, 2017, 8:04 am

Hello everyone,
I'm exploring the possibility of certification of a lovely house to LEED for Homes.
My question is:
1. is it compulsory to have the house audited by this RESNET...

Last reply: Mohammed Fadili, Jun 1, 2023, 12:59 pm

HERS equivalent

Homes-v4 EAc1: Annual energy use
posted by Theo Mcf on Oct 17, 2022, 5:42 am


I work on a project in Thailand. I have to use the option 1 because there will be a pool, so I shall use the HERS index. Nonetheless, HERS is not commonly used in Thailand, would...

Last reply: Mohammed Fadili, Jun 1, 2023, 12:54 pm

how to add files in the Open Space credit in V4 BD+C:SC?

Schools-NC-v4 SSc3: Open space
posted by ILDA SHALLO on May 17, 2023, 6:11 pm

The Reference Guide says that a Site Plan indicating open space areas, vegetated areas, LEED Project Boundary etc needs to be provided for this Credit, but the form doesn't have the Add File...

Last reply: ILDA SHALLO, Jun 1, 2023, 9:53 am

Light pollution credit

NC-v4 SSc6: Light Pollution Reduction
posted by Christina Skandali on Jun 1, 2023, 9:41 am


The questions refer to a new office buiding according to LEED v4 version.

The building which is situated in a LZ2 area and the lighting boundaries are very close to the...

Can the envelope commissioning (to earn the 2 points) be carried out by company of the facade execution?

NC-v4 EAc1: Enhanced Commissioning
posted by Sara BENLOUBA on Nov 30, 2020, 5:04 am

We have appointed a facade / curtain wall company for our project and we intend to entrust it with the mission of carrying out the necessary tests concerning the...

Last reply: Erica Downs, Jun 1, 2023, 9:44 am

Motorcycle parking spaces

NC-v4 LTc7: Reduced parking footprint
posted by Catherine Verdier on Nov 14, 2014, 11:32 am

When determining the actual parking capacity of the project, do the small motorcycle parking spaces count ?
Since motorcycles do not allow carpool, it would seem coherent to exclude...

Last reply: Sara BENLOUBA, Jun 1, 2023, 6:22 am

Modeling LEED Data Center

Data-Centers-NC-v4 EAc2: Optimize Energy Performance
posted by Rajat Wadhwa on May 8, 2023, 5:30 pm

Hi We are working on creating an energy Model for LEED for Data center and I am just confused on what approach should I take?

a. The data center has vaults which will be rented in the...

Last reply: Rajat Wadhwa, May 31, 2023, 4:57 pm

Ratio Windows/Wall in baseline model Table G1.1.1-1

NC-v4.1 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Marc Maso on Jun 23, 2021, 12:10 pm

Dear Srs, I hace a question about the ratio windows/walls in leed v4.1. Is for a building with two differents uses: 3.117 m2 of office and 13.472m2 of warehouse.

When we had modeled the...

Last reply: Mark Terpstra, May 31, 2023, 4:40 pm