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archive SS1 in the construction phase

NC-2009 SSp1: Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
posted by Tatjana Ernst on Mar 19, 2010, 9:50 am

Dear Users,

we have to certify a office bulding - new built - which is already on site.
The structural works ( basement and parts of the first floor) has started
already. Our...

Last reply: Shannon Gray , Apr 2, 2010, 9:16 am

determining the LEED project boundary

General forums
posted by Kelly Knauss on Apr 2, 2010, 2:10 am

So if I understand the MPR regarding 'Small buildings within the LEED project boundary,' since my separate building can achieve MPRs #,2, 4 and 5, then I cannot include it within the LEED project...

No New Parking?

NC-2009 SSc4.4: Alternative transportation - parking capacity
posted by Omer Moltay on Apr 1, 2010, 4:38 pm

Since our building is an existing building and the project is renovation of this, and since no new parking spaces have been added to the existing spaces, do I choose the "Provide No New Parking"...

Last reply: Leticia SooHoo, Apr 1, 2010, 6:02 pm

Using default occupancy v/s estimated occupancy

CS-2009 SSc4.2: Alternative transportation - bicycle storage and changing rooms
posted by Jana Schulz on Apr 1, 2010, 5:06 pm

Appendix 1 of the BD+C Reference guide states that "if the buildings and circumstances are not covered in this appendix, provide documentation for comparable buildings demonstrating average gross...

Transportation Management Plan

NC-2009 SSc4.2: Alternative transportation - bicycle storage and changing rooms
posted by Gregg Schwieterman on Mar 15, 2010, 12:25 pm

File uploads for this credit require a comprehensive transportation management plan and quantifiable reduction in personal automobile use.
Any ideas on how I can approach this?

Last reply: Mara Baum, Apr 1, 2010, 1:04 pm

I don't think we need to

CS-2009 IEQc4.2: Low-emitting materials - paints and coatings
posted by Craig Graber on Mar 25, 2010, 11:04 pm

I don't think we need to follow the most current numbers listed under "effective date" in Table 1. The credit requirements for...

Last reply: Mara Baum, Apr 1, 2010, 12:42 pm

Basketball court as a hardscape area

Schools-2009 SSc5.2: Site development - maximize open space
posted by Maya Karkour on Apr 1, 2010, 11:21 am

Dear all,

The school we are working on will have a basketball court on its roof. Could this be possibly counted as hardscape area for the purpose of this credit ?

Many thanks,

Last reply: Tristan Roberts, Apr 1, 2010, 11:36 am

Context on storm shelters and LEED

General forums
posted by Tristan Roberts on Mar 31, 2010, 11:09 pm

Brittany, I would want some additional context on this. What kind of a space is it? Is it integral to the project building, or separated in some way? What credits are you grappling with relative...

Last reply: April Ambrose, Apr 1, 2010, 11:25 am

commercial building document templates for EAp1 submittal

EBOM-2009 EAp1: Energy efficiency best management practices - planning, documentation and opportunity assessment
posted by thomas irpan on Mar 29, 2010, 6:16 pm

I am looking for detail submittal templates:

Last reply: Jason Franken, Apr 1, 2010, 11:02 am

U-Values Requirements for Skylight with Curbs

CS-2009 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Maya Karkour on Mar 31, 2010, 6:07 am


This credit requires us to comply with the U-values prescribed by ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007.

Our project has a Glass skylight covering more than 5% of the roof. The U-...

Last reply: Tristan Roberts, Apr 1, 2010, 8:48 am