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by Paula Melton

Defense authorization bill calls to haul military money going to LEED

by Paula Melton

Following in Maine’s footsteps, the State of Georgia has effectively banned LEED certification for State building projects.

Got clients that want LEED-certifiable projects but don't want to commit to certification? Join the club, and hear some tips and lessons learned.

The American Chemistry Council and other groups have formed the American High-Performance Buildings Coalition. Green or greenwash?

by Erin Weaver

Columbia University’s long-term project plan for its 17-acre Manhattanville campus in West Harlem has earned New York City’s first LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) Platinum certification.

by Nadav Malin

Green Globes may have come out slightly ahead in a recent “alignment” report, but support for LEED is strong in the building industry.

by Mark Kalin

Many owners and municipalities are requesting LEED “certifiable” buildings from their design teams. How is a specifier to respond?

by Paula Melton

Chemical and plastics trade groups have attacked LEED and the federal government's use of it. We separate the facts from the fabrications.

by Nadav Malin

In response to a growing outcry from the market, USGBC is postponing plans to ballot the next version of LEED until 2013.

by Mark Kalin

Sometimes strategies employed by LEED consultants can work against the project's sustainability goals. Here are the top six problems we see.

Although it carries relatively few points, among the most noteworthy changes in LEED 2012 are those in the MR category.

If you had five minutes with the Director of LEED Certification for the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), what would you want to talk with her about? What questions would you ask or what feedback would you give?

LEED is now recognizing credits from BREEAM, the popular European rating system. LEEDuser has the details on how this new policy is going to work.

A 2009 study found no difference in worker safety on LEED projects, but a new study asks what factors might make LEED construction sites less safe, drawing a link from design to worker safety.

Key changes in the the third public comment draft of LEED 2012