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The LEED family of rating systems uses specific jargon—becoming familiar with these terms is a great way to gain a basic understanding of this important program.

The latest, and largest release of energy data from LEED-certified buildings shows good energy results but leaves room for improvement.

An open letter to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) on revealing more granular energy data from LEED buildings

Has USGBC finally cracked the code to an easy, accessible LEED Online experience? LEED v4 projects will experience a simpler, more integrated website when they get to work on their LEED documentation.

Congratulations to the 2013 class of LEED Fellows, announced by USGBC.

The LEEDuser team will be at Greenbuild, along with many of our friends.

Does LEED v4 ban PVC? Let's look at the details of the new rating system. 

LEEDuser continues to add sample documentation to our credit-by-credit, rating system by rating system Documentation Toolkits, now with a LEED Gold office building in Denver.

by Paula Melton

Industry leaders say LEED development doesn’t meet the definition of consensus, but USGBC disagrees.

After three years of development, six public comment periods, and plenty of controversy, USGBC members voted to approve LEED v4—in a landslide.

by Nadav Malin

Still trying to figure out to vote for your firm? Or just an interested bystander? Here’s how we see the pros and cons of the v4 ballot.

The USGBC will refund LEED certification fees to the first LEED certified project in the 112 countries that so far lack one, in a program it's calling LEED Earth.

by Paula Melton

Technical changes to LEED–ND have gotten lost in the BD&C shuffle.

by Paula Melton

Poison pill pushed by illegal lobbyists, or exciting, bipartisan energy bill that could change everything? It's up to you.

by Lauren Sparandara

Earlier editions of this spreadsheet from USGBC raised more questions than they answered, but some of the frequently asked questions about the matrix have been addressed with this latest release.