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WE Indoor water use reduction- Detention facility requirements

NC-v4 WEp2: Indoor water use reduction
posted by Lawrence Rennell on Feb 28, 2023, 4:42 pm

We are currently working on 2 small detention facilities (25 beds and 60 beds). Both projects are new construction and are not Retail, school, or hospitality projects. Only residential...

Last reply: emily reese moody, Apr 5, 2024, 6:01 pm

District Energy for Partial Building Load

NC-v4 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Jess Scanlon on Jul 6, 2017, 2:07 pm

I am modeling a new building on a university campus following LEEDv4 Option 1, Whole Building Energy Simulation.
Heat Recovery Chillers are providing 44% of the cooling load of the building...

Last reply: Tyler Thumma, Apr 5, 2024, 11:43 am

Make Up Air Units Modeling Requirements (System or Process Load)- ASHRAE 90.1-2010

NC-v4 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Richard Tran on Dec 26, 2023, 9:05 pm


I'm currently working on my first Energy Model for a dining hall/domitory on a college campus. Currently I'm having a dillema on if I need to model the Make Up Air Unit as a process...

Last reply: Tyler Thumma, Apr 5, 2024, 10:56 am

Water Heater Efficiency per Table 7.8 of ASHRAE 90.1-2010

NC-v4 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Richard Tran on Dec 26, 2023, 8:12 pm


I'm currently working with two (600,000 Btuh, 130 Gallons, 97 EF) boilers for a dormitory building. From my interpretation of Table 7.8 the equation I'm suppose to use is 80%Et(Q/...

Last reply: Tyler Thumma, Apr 5, 2024, 10:49 am

Baseline HVAC, Non-regulated loads and Exceptional Calculation Method for V4.1

NC-v4.1 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by on Dec 6, 2023, 9:54 pm

A 156,000 SF pharmaceutical production facility wants to pursue LEED v4.1.  Building breakdown as follows:

  • 75,000sf of pharmaceutical manufacturing space with 30-40...

Last reply: Tyler Thumma, Apr 5, 2024, 10:12 am

If a parcel crosses the 1/4 mile radius, does it count?

CS-v4 LTc4: Surrounding density and diverse uses
posted by Armond Dai on May 19, 2023, 5:04 pm

Emily Purcell Sustainable Design Lead CannonDesign LEEDuser Expert 318 thumbs up May 22, 2023- 11:22 am Hi Armond, you can include or exclude at your discretion. Just be consistent with whichever you decide to do.  Log in or register to post comments Afogreen Build www.afogreenbuild.com Green Building Consultant LEEDuser Premium Member 216 thumbs up April 3, 2024- 5:14 am Hi Armond, Please kindly refer to link below for reviewer comment based on this situation: https://leeduser.buildinggreen.com/forum/14-mile-radious-building-boundary Where building intersect the 1/4-mile offset,...

Last reply: Afogreen Build, Apr 3, 2024, 5:14 am

Calculating CO2 setpoint for carbon dioxide monitoring

NC-v4 EQc1: Enhanced indoor air quality strategies
posted by Edgar Arevalo on Nov 9, 2023, 11:19 am

I've been looking at Appendix C of ASHRAE 62.1-2010 for a way, and I keep scratching my head.  Does anyone how to calculate for the...

Last reply: Afogreen Build, Mar 26, 2024, 10:01 pm

No Cooling Tower ACP Feedback

Pilot-Credits WEpc94: No Cooling Tower
posted by on Mar 25, 2024, 4:02 pm

I found this pilot credit to be a great way to allow projects to earn credit for the design choice of choosing not to utilize cooling towers on the project even for buildings that are large...

Overall Feedback on Pilot Credit

Pilot-Credits MRpc87: Verified Construction & Demolition Recycling Rates
posted by Kavita Karmarkar on Mar 21, 2024, 5:32 pm

As our project is located in Northern CA, it is not diffidult to achieve this credit as there are many haulers with third-party certified diversion rates (RCI) in the area. They may not be lowest...

Gross Floor Area

CI-v4 MPR3: Must comply with project size requirements
posted by Edgar Arevalo on Mar 21, 2024, 3:09 pm

For a LEED Commercial Interior fit-out project, when we are registering the project in LEED Online it asks for the gross square footage.  Since...