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Multilevel lighting control

NC-v4.1 EQc6: Interior lighting
posted by Michael on Jun 26, 2022, 11:55 pm

I have 10 lighting fixtures in an office space, and the architect is providing 3 on-off switches:

- switch 1, on-off 5 lightings (50% of lighting numbers)

- switch 2, on-off 2...

Last reply: Michael, Jun 27, 2022, 11:16 pm

Interior Lighting Control

NC-v4.1 EQc6: Interior lighting
posted by Jennifer Atherton on May 19, 2021, 11:57 am

What is the definition of "occupant spaces" ? 

Last reply: Karen Joslin, Jun 1, 2022, 6:07 pm

Compliance of Lighting fixtures

NC-v4.1 EQc6: Interior lighting
posted by Ellis John Mandia on May 23, 2022, 1:52 am

Hello all,

Here is a actual problem I have encountered. What will happen if the lighting consultant has provided the necessary documents that comply with all the requirements for the...

How to Calculate Surface Reflectivity

NC-v4.1 EQc6: Interior lighting
posted by Tim Murray on Oct 26, 2021, 4:25 pm

In LEEDv4, the Surface Reflectivity criteria was measured by using "area-weighted averages", thus the Interior LIghting Calculator asked for areas of walls and ceilings. One big compliant area...

Last reply: Federica Ariaudo, Apr 8, 2022, 12:23 pm

Lighting control requirement for individual occupant spaces

NC-v4.1 EQc6: Interior lighting
posted by Martina Salonen on Apr 8, 2021, 6:38 am

LEEDuser Basic Member 68 thumbs up March 3, 2022- 5:25 pm Sara, I think your answer is in this thread: https://leeduser.buildinggreen.com/forum/interior-lighting-control look for the recent message from Brad...

Last reply: Sara Goenner Curlee, Mar 4, 2022, 9:17 am

Glare Control for Regularly Occupied Spaces

NC-v4.1 EQc6: Interior lighting
posted by Lauren Kottis on Feb 7, 2022, 9:58 am

"For all regularly occupied spaces, meet one of the following requirements:  

  1. Use light fixtures with a luminance of less than 7,000 candela per square meter (cd/m)2 between...

Last reply: Glenn Heinmiller, Feb 7, 2022, 5:00 pm

Documentation requirements?

NC-v4.1 EQc6: Interior lighting
posted by Glenn Heinmiller on Oct 19, 2021, 1:02 pm

Has USGBC provided any documentation guidance for this credit? I recall seeing something buried somewhere on the USGBC website, but I can't find it now

Last reply: Afogreen Build, Oct 25, 2021, 5:33 am

Different strategies in different rooms

NC-v4.1 EQc6: Interior lighting
posted by An Marc on Sep 21, 2021, 4:04 am

Our project (NCv4.1) consists of production area (regulary occupied) and office area.

Can we applay strategies 1(Glare Control),2(Color Rendering),3(Lighting Control) for production area...

LRV Requirements for Flooring

NC-v4.1 EQc6: Interior lighting
posted by Erin West on Apr 1, 2021, 3:21 pm

I represent a flooring manufacturer that has LRV's for our products.  However, I am unclear on what value a specifier would need from our product to qualify for this credit.  Specifiers have...

Last reply: Keith Robertson, May 14, 2021, 9:47 am

Task lighting CRI?

NC-v4.1 EQc6: Interior lighting
posted by emily reese moody on May 4, 2021, 3:57 pm

Any opinion here on whether the...

Last reply: Glenn Heinmiller, May 4, 2021, 6:00 pm