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Any success with this credit yet?

Pilot-Credits INpc113: Informing Design Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis
posted by Sophie Kerr on Oct 29, 2018, 4:11 pm

forum- There are only a few of us who have commented on this in the LEED User forum so my guess is not many have used this pilot credit it or it's been approved for others without participating in the forum. Log in or register to post comments Elaine Goetz Ohio University LEEDuser Basic Member July 15, 2019- 3:06 pm We also completed this credit using Autocase, but have not yet submitted it.  Participating in the LEED user pilot credit forum (this posting) is one of our last steps before submitting.  I'm glad to see that someone has been awarded this credit with no issues.  Conducting a TBL BCA...

Last reply: Katie Hosking, Jun 26, 2020, 7:11 pm

SSc4 Surveying Staff Throughout Building

EBOM-2009 SSc4: Alternative Commuting Transportation
posted by Alexis Doyle on Aug 9, 2019, 12:55 pm


We are looking to complete an alternative commuting survey at a building owner and the property owner has suggested that we tour the building, visiting each office and survey people...

Last reply: Patrick Murisset, Jun 16, 2020, 2:40 pm

Low-flow WaterSense Devices

NC-v4 WEp2: Indoor water use reduction
posted by MAUDE PINTAL on Jun 15, 2020, 3:16 pm


Do you know models of bathroom faucets with a 0.5 gm flow that is WaterSense certified or certified aerators that can get the same flow?

Thank you,

Management Plan Addressing How Pollution and Eutrophication of Waterways Would Be Minimized through Operational Changes

NC-2009 SSc6.2: Stormwater design - quality control
posted by Sandra Lester on Jun 8, 2020, 7:59 am

We have been asked by the CaGBC to provide a management plan addressing how pollution and eutrophication of waterways would be minimized through operational changes. As required in the LEED...

Insulation calculation by surface area

NC-v4.1 EQc2: Low-emitting materials
posted by Marie-Christine Morin on Apr 24, 2020, 8:24 am

Hi all,

The guide says that at least 75% of all insulation, by cost or surface area, meets the...

Last reply: Deborah Lucking, Jun 7, 2020, 4:19 pm

Cultural smudging and ETS prereq

NC-v4 EQp2: Environmental tobacco smoke control
posted by Jason Burtwistle on May 26, 2020, 3:56 pm

Hi all,

I'm working on an academic facility with a multi-faith space within it that will occassionally be used for Indigenous smudging ceremonies (burning of herbs and grasses, including...

Shared Parking Spaces and Existing EV Charging Stations on University Campus

NC-v4 LTc8: Green vehicles
posted by Ashley Hu on Jul 27, 2018, 3:05 pm

Hi everyone,

We have a student housing project that is located within a university campus which has shared parking with the rest of the campus. There are some existing EV charging stations...

Last reply: Jasmin Rajak, May 23, 2020, 5:06 am

Systems requiring metering

CS-v4 EAc3: Advanced Energy Metering
posted by Tim Nabholz on Apr 4, 2017, 11:20 am

Hi All,

I am pursuing this credit for a LEED v4 Core and Shell project and am having trouble determining which systems require meters. The credit requirements state "Install advanced...

Last reply: Marcus Sheffer, May 20, 2020, 4:33 pm

Borrowing credit from Homes Design and Cronstruction

NC-v4 EAc5: Renewable energy production
posted by Michael J Turner on May 5, 2020, 4:47 pm


We are using LEED V4 BD+C, and we achived a credit listed within the LEED Homes Design and Construction; specifically the EA Credit: Active Solar-Ready Design.

Can we use...

Last reply: Marcus Sheffer, May 18, 2020, 10:26 am

Does Declare count as Third-Party Verified in LEED v4.1?

NC-v4.1 MRc4: Building product disclosure and optimization - material ingredients
posted by Adam Stoker on May 13, 2020, 12:10 pm

The following credit language introduced in LEED v4.1 leaves me with some questions regarding Declare labels:

Any compliant reports above with third-party verification that includes...

Last reply: Adam Stoker, May 13, 2020, 2:23 pm