I am a PE who has been approached by a building owner with a request to have the building "re-commissioned." I have designed LEED projects before, and participated in the original commissioning, but never re-commisioning. The building earned LEED Silver in 2012, but I was not involved. I don't know at this point if it was 2.2 or 2009. Does re-commissioning require any submission to USGBC for review? If I don't need to go through USGBC red tape, I can do the consulting for a fraction of the fee and the owner has more money left to make improvements.
If USGBC does not get any documentation for re-commissioning is there any consequence such as rescinding of certification? I have heard that there may be a mechanism for rescinding certifications in version 4, but there has been none in earlier versions. Is there any truth to that?

Sorry if this is a double post. The first time it did not show up. Thank you.