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Tristan Roberts


HPDC Technical Director

Quill Nook Farm


Tristan Roberts is responsible for leading staff support for HPDC’s Technical Committee, education programs, and the evolution of the HPD Open Standard. Tristan is a leader in the advancement of green building practices. Prior to joining HPDC in May 2018, he was part of BuildingGreen, Inc. for eleven years, where he most recently served as Chief Strategy Officer, moderating and leading the community development of LEEDuser forum which supports over 10,000 users. He is the author of hundreds of articles and in-depth reports on building industry trends and technologies, and is a frequent speaker and educator in the areas of green building and sustainable design. His objective stance and focus on practical tools has earned him the trust of a wide spectrum of stakeholders in the industry, including architects, sustainability professionals, manufacturers, and nonprofit groups. Tristan has taught sustainability and building science at the Boston Architectural College.

Tristan has lived on a homestead in southern Vermont for the last 16 years. At Quill Nook Farm, Tristan devotes his time to raising his family in connection with the land and food. Tristan blogs about his experiences at