We're curious if the review teams have changed approach with this.

We've understood that Path 12 allowed up to one point for exemplary performance of one of the other SSc1 Paths (1-11) as well as the opportunity to submit documentation drawn from other Rating Systems (and/or distinct "innovations") for additional points (up to the limit of 5 available in this credit). This means that more than one point can be achieved through Path 12.

The Ref Guide makes the restriction on Paths 1-11 exemplary performance to differentiate this approach from the intent to encourage accomplishment of environmental performance criteria drawn from other Rating Systems. We've understood that the spirit of the SSc1 credit is that if the building is LEED certified - it's worth all 5 points without need for documenting individual credits. If the building is not LEED certified, but one can show documentation of discrete LEED credits (such as those in Paths 1-11 and/or on the pre-approved list), then points are awarded accordingly.

We just got a review comment stating that a project may only receive a single Path 12 point no matter how many pre-approved, exemplary performance or innovative elements are documented for the whole building. If so, the LEEDuser page for this credit needs revision and the intent of the credit makes a bit less sense. Anyone else run into this challenge?