I am interested in finding out if LEED has guidelines for Pakistan, specifically Islamabad, as I am doing a project for one of my master's courses in Green Buildings in that area. The project will highlight various sustainable and green practices in the design phase of a 1/8 acre residential plot for a family home.

Thus far, I have not been able to find LEED in the Islamabad region, although there are a couple of buildings built in Karachi using the LEED rating system. However, they are commercial buildings. At the moment, I am considering trying to find a similar climate region to Islamabad in India and try to see the applicability of LEED India to this plot in Islamabad.

Since I am new to LEED as a framework, and a novice at green building, I would appreciate thoughts and comments from experts. I am also in contact with a few architects in Pakistan, and am thinking about conducting a survey on green building accomplishments. Is that a good idea, or would it be a waste of time? What are some definite things that LEEDUser members think are necessary to include in such a survey?

Would appreciate candid responses, as I try to formulate the scope of this project.

Thank you!