We have a client who is interested in pursuing LEED C+S for a football stadium project because of the types of spaces in the program. These include a catering kitchen that serves other parts of campus, a sports medicine clinic operated by the campus hospital, and a retail space that is to come online 2 years later once a new lightrail transit adjacent to the stadium is complete. There are other spaces as well that we would consider to be 'CI' (tenant) spaces that are not a part of the scope of the project and will be finished later.
We're able to assign sf to C+S as well as CI per Page 7 of the Rating System Selection Guidance. From this we fall in the 40-60% range indicating the Rating System Selection is the project team's choice. Yet page xv of the BD+C guidelines indicate if owner occupies >50% then it should be NC. So,
1. Does the C+S approach seem applicable, knowing we've got a number of tenants outside the scope who will be located here?
2. Do the 40-60% and >50% relate to each other?

Thanks so much!