I'm working on a new construction mixed use development which contains both Residential buildings and Office buildings.

Only the Office buildings are being certified - LEED BD&C Core and Shell.

The Offices are being built adjacent to and over, an existing library building, which is owned by the local authority.

The development is also adjacent to a small park (owned by the council).

Both the Library and park are included in the project works.  The library will be refurbished and extended and the park will be upgraded.

I intend excluding the apartment buildings from the project red line boundary as these are not being certified and may be constructed in a separate phase.

However, I feel the park should be included due to the significant upgrades.

The Library floor area is relatively small (2%) when compared to the new build office and I think I could exclude this.

Firstly - is it acceptable to include the existing park which is being upgraded? (even if it is not owned by the developer)

Can the red line change from floor to floor?  The office building eventually bridges across over the roof of the library - so the red line for that floor will be different to the ground floor (if the library was excluded for example)

Can you please advise,