Hi all,
Our project is a commercial tower mainly with offices and few retail shops. The total area is 272,500 sq. ft. and we have provided waste collection area of 620 sq. ft. in the basement. Separate bins with separate colour bags (for paper, glass, ,metals, plastics, cardboard) will be provided in all levels for each tenant and building users. Then all the waste will be sent to basement floor via a garbage chute. There will be also a compactor in the waste room in the basement floor to compact waste in case it is in large volume. Every waste type/colour will be collected separately so that the hauler truck comes and takes the waste on a daily basis after work hours. My question is we have determined all the steps required in the pre-requisite, we have the plans, recycling area and frequency of pick ups. Now I want to know if this is sufficient to achieve the prerequisite or do we need some estimate of the volume of waste to be generated? We had contacted one municipality representative and described the building condition to them and they told us for a building of our type the waste bins and collection area size are enough. Also we have the compactor in place. Please guide me to determine if we are complying with all the requirements of the prerequisite or there is something missing?