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Energy Audit and O+M plan for LEED v4.1 O+M: Interiors

EBOM-v4.1 EAp1: Energy Efficiency Best Management Practices
posted by Przemysław Rejczak on Feb 2, 2022, 10:01 am

Dear Everyone,

I have some doubts of the assessment scope for this credit. 

The certification scope includes only 2 floors in the existing building. The question is if O+M plan and...

Last reply: Josée Lupien, Apr 4, 2024, 12:52 pm

Dishwashers requirements for Europe

NC-v4 WEp2: Indoor water use reduction
posted by Agnieszka Rylska on Nov 18, 2019, 12:13 pm

It seems that EnergyStar certified dishwashers are not available in Poland. Credit language states that we can select a dishwasher that is not certified but which complies with the requirements...

Last reply: Bruno Roque, Feb 23, 2024, 4:31 am


EBOM-2009 WEp1: Minimum Indoor Plumbing Fixture and Fitting Efficiency
posted by Agnieszka Rylska on Apr 28, 2015, 8:41 am

Dear All,
Our project is a high-class hotel. We are checking the compliance with WEp1 but we can't find what is the baseline for bathtubs.
Can we assume that tub is the same fixture...

Last reply: Maria Adelle Puse, Jun 1, 2023, 11:42 pm

What are the requirements for electrical outlets at the dock door

Warehouses-NC-v4 LTc8: Green vehicles
posted by Aleksandra Suchomska on May 26, 2023, 4:21 am


Has anyone achieved this credit for Reduced Truck Idling for non-hybrid trucks? How do I adjust the electrical outlets to connect the cab systems to power? Is there such a possibility...

Open space- overhead vegetable canopy

NC-v4 SSc3: Open space
posted by Agnieszka Świetlik on May 19, 2023, 4:24 am


Could you please help me to understand what "overhead vegetable canopy" means?

Is it the area under the green tunel with ivy or simillar plants?

Or maybe a pavement under...

Last reply: Afogreen Build, May 21, 2023, 8:53 pm

Overhead vegetated canopy

NC-v4 SSc3: Open space
posted by Agnieszka Świetlik on May 18, 2023, 8:31 am


What does it mean "overhead vegetated canopy"?

Is it a green tunnel with ivy or similar vegetation?

And does the sourface of the pavement under tree canopy also count...

LEED 2009 Core and Shell- Kitchen equipments modelling

CS-2009 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Jerzy Wójcik on May 30, 2017, 9:50 am

Dear Marcus
I am writting to enquire about kitchen plugloads in CS. In one of our CS project client wants to include restaurant and kitchen.

Our energy modeling technique for CS is...

Last reply: Marcus Sheffer, Mar 22, 2023, 2:13 pm

Green cleaning

CI-v4 INc1: Innovation
posted by JW+A Sp. z o.o. on Jan 31, 2023, 9:18 am


I wanted to register the following pilot credit: "Safety first: Cleaning and disinfecting your space".
However, on LEED Online, the name is slightly different: "Cleaning and...

Should archaeological works, taking place before construction start, be included in ESC Plan?

NC-v4 SSp1: Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
posted by Agata Mozer on Nov 30, 2022, 5:29 am

Dear All,

We have a project which is located in a...

Last reply: Emily Purcell, Nov 30, 2022, 9:45 am

Stairwell Lighting zone

NC-v4 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
posted by Agnieszka Rylska on Jan 28, 2020, 8:21 am

According to ASHRAE 90.1, section „g. Stairwell Lighting – Lighting in stairwells shall have one or more control devices to automaticcly reduce lighting power in any one controlled zone...

Last reply: Marcus Sheffer, Oct 12, 2022, 11:15 am