My client has asked about LEED certification for a multi-phase office renovation. They intend to renovate 100% of their space over a 5-year period, with the 60,000sf split into roughly equal portions: 12,000sf/year.

If they were doing the whole thing at once it would clearly be a CI project. But, with a construction period of 5 years can you use CI? If so, how would you do it? Just wait until year 5 and submit it as one project? Tracking all of the credits for 5 years would be a challenge. Doing it as 5 smaller CI projects doesn't make much sense either.

The other track we are considering is EBOM. However, under the Facility Alterations & Additions section it says alterations must affect less than 50% of the floor area to be eligible for EB. The project won't alter more than 50% of floor area in any one phase - but we will eventually alter 100% of the floor area.

Based on the client's desires, it really wants to be a CI project - but the 5-year construction period is what throws me. But for the 50% threshold, EB might work - but the client isn't interested in big parts of the EB program, like sustainable purchasing.

Any thoughts on which way to go? Or if this is a feasible LEED project at all?