Hello I am working on Two Separate projects that actually overlap on a site; they are not registered as Master Site or Campus and we don't want that at this time.
Project A Surrounds Projects B.
Project A has some landscaping and hardscape about 10% of the site mixed lets say 5% landscaping and 5% sidewalk around the buildings.
Project B is within the Project A site and its Boundary is basically the building. Project B has a small atrium entrance with landscaping and controlled irrigation.
Credits WEc1; SSc6.1 and SSc6.2 are my concern. We desperately need these points to reach our goal.
1. Can you achieve WEc1 being effficent if you have Zero, landscaping?
2. can you achieve WEc1 if you have landscaping but its less than 70 sq ft?
3. What if the Controller operates the irrigation for Project A and Project B?

for the SS credits I am assuming the only way I can achieve those is if the rain captured by the roof of Project B is sent to a basin or filtration tank; Correct?
insight on how to document would be helpful.