We are working on food production facility and offices. The offices will be in the first two floors of an historic building that the developer is renovating as part of the project. The food production facility will consist of a single story addition to the historic building that has a much larger footprint - more than two times. The C&S of the food production facility is basically build to suit and then handed over to the food producer (our client) to develop the TI. I have two questions:

1) Is the TI eligible for MRc1.2 at all? I know the developer would not be eligible for building reuse credits because the production facility addition is much larger than the historic building. Technically, they are moving into an existing facility and building out the interiors. Practically, they caused the addition to be built. I find no eligibility requirements in the CI credit language but noticed that LEED User had posted the eligibility calculator for LEED NC as a documentation tool.

2) Assuming the tenant is eligible on a technicality, what does the tenent get to count as reused? The developer is building no inside walls and the tenant will be "reusing" the interior surface of all the walls. This builds on a question already in forum where Tristan indicated a tenant could count the interior surface of party walls - which we have a few of - but wasn't explicit about exterior walls.

This is an interesting situation that any tenant moving into a new building, particularly build to suit would encounter so I am curious as to the forum's thoughts.