What, if anything, precludes a completely unenclosed building from achieving a LEED certification? Imagine a stand-alone pavilion, band shell, or amphitheater on its own plot of land. These are completely unconditioned spaces with no building envelope. They might have electricity and/or water, but they might not. Is it possible for these buildings to achieve a LEED certification of any kind?

It seems like a such a project could comply with all the MPRs, but it might be impossible to earn enough points for certification. For example, if there is no electricity or water in the structure, that would immediately eliminate 44 potential points (as far as I can tell). If there is no "indoors" on the project, then all points from the IEQ category would also be gone, eliminating another 16 potential points. That leaves 50/110 points, and I'm sure others points would be similarly eliminated. It could end up being pretty tough for such a project to accrue enough points for a certification.

Curious to hear what anyone has to say about this. Thanks!