We are developing a farmer's market. It will be associated with a community garden, which grows food for both the farmer's market and the local food bank. There are fantastic possibilities for synergy in this situation in several SS credits. The site is previously developed, so for example the garden may qualify as land restoration or open space.

However, the current plan is three adjacent buildings - a building to be used by the garden organization, a community meeting space next to the farmer's market, and the farmer's market pavilion itself.

We would like to find a way to incorporate the synergies between the garden spaces and the other buildings, however LEED seems to specify that certification incorporates a single building, and that adjacent LEED projects can't overlap. The entire site will be owned by a single entity, a City government parks department. How can we take advantage of the garden/openspace/land restoration credits with three LEED buildings? Could, for example, we say that the community meeting space, which is heated and cooled, is the LEED building and the Farmer's market pavilion, which won't be cooled, and barely heated, is an outbuilding under the same project?