Dear Users,

After researching this credit for my building, it seems when the building was first constructed it was designed to take advantage of storm water quantity control, pervious services and the green roof but for some reason during the original LEED NC Certification it did not receive the points for storm water management. I think this was a documentation issue but when I looked on the USGBC web site under case studies this is posted under my building's landscape.

The landscape design includes climate-adaptive perennials, groundcovers, flowering shrubs, and trees in mulch beds; a highly efficient irrigation system; and an underground rainwater cistern. This system captures water from 100% of the impervious roof areas of the building for an estimated 47,966 gallons in the peak watering month of July, providing nearly 60% of the July demand. In July, the net potable water demand is reduced to 35,221 gallons compared with the baseline turfgrass case of 176,120 gallons—an 81% reduction during peak periods. Since 95% of the parking is provided in structured parking below the building, the only non-captured stormwater generated by the site is that falling on the impervious driveway and sidewalk areas.

With all this said, what do i have to do to receive this credit? Do I still need to re run all of the calculations and create a storm water management plan?

Thank you again for your help,