I am a LEED AP and a “newcomer” in the certification process. As AGMBC Guidelines are not clear to me, I went through the forum comments below but I am totally confused now. Please help with the following:

My project consists of a site boundary that is separated in two areas through the crossing of a public road. Area 1 comprises the main building which is an assembly & testing plant including office area as well as the utility tanks. Area 2 consists of parking spaces & shuttle bus parking, two dormitory buildings for the workers and one separate cafeteria building that also will host some public services. The client wants to have LEED certification for the entire project site as outlined in the AGMBC Guide “Group Project Certification”.

- Can Group Project Certification be followed at the moment or do I have to wait until the LEEDonline functionality is released?
- Will the separation of the site area by the public road pose a problem for the certification?
- As far as I understand the USGBC fee table and the comments below, for registration the fee will be US$ 1,200 for each building, but certification fee will be the same for the group as for single certification.
- If Group Project Certification cannot be used by now, is it possible to certify only the main assembly & test plant building on area 1? How can I consider then parking area and public services on area 2?