I have chosen to use the Option 1 to document the credit, but the SSc1 template seems to be “WRONG” in the following areas:

1. On the template it says: “The baseline for WE Credit 2 is derived from the flush fixture water usage data provided in the WE Prerequisite 1. The WE Prerequisite 1 form must be completed before compliance with WE Credit 2 can be documented.” The following summary table is a linked submittal:

[There should be no WEc2 for CI projects.] and

2. The Flush Fixture Summary table here is linked directly from WEp1, which shows:
LEED flush fixture baseline annual volume: 50.11 kGal
Total calculated “flush fixture” water use annual volume, Performance case: 28.33 kGal
Percent reduction of water use in “flush fixtures”: 43.46%

[However, these number appear in the linked summary table is the calculation for water use reduction in "ALL" fixtures, instead of the calculations for only “Flush Fixtures”.]

Is this a possibly a technical mistake on the linked summary table? Or is it suppose to calculate water reduction in ALL fixtures to earn this credit??