My understanding is that within Option 1 (smoking ban inside the property), the definition of a smoking area within an external courtyard is still allowed, providing this 25 ft (8 m) distance is upheld. The mention of avoiding smoking in all "common areas used by occupants" comes later in Case 2 and presumably means internal spaces only not shared external recreational areas like courtyards.

For an urban devlopment directly off the pavement, a smoking area for employees within the landscaped courtyard is desired. This is a relatively narrow courtyard shared by all the buildings on the block. If the 8 m distance from the openings in only our LEED-Project building is to be upheld, then the smoking zone comes pretty much against the fassade of the neighbouring buildings windows.

Would this fulfill the prerequisite? The principle is similar to designating an area on the pavement 8 m away from the projects main entrance or windows, which could in some cases then be infront of a neighbouring building entrance or window. Seems a little counterintuitive to try and push the smoke so far away from one building that far more will pass into another building's open windows...

Thanks in advance for any of your thoughts / experience!