I'm working on the LEED C&S certification of a new shopping centre where the majority of retail and restaurant space will be shell or 'grey box' with no HVAC installed.  Only landlord areas will have installed services.

In the case of Fundamental IAQ, the LEED manual states the following:

"If the scope of the core-and-shell project does not include mechanical systems, the project is exempt from the ventilation and monitoring requirements"

Does this exemption also follow on for Enhanced IAQ including requirements for Entryway systems?

Most forum discussions on this topic seem to point to the use of a signed TSLA for Entryway sytems.

This would not be practical on a large new development - there is little chance that every unit would be 'let' by the time the submission would be made to USGBC.

Should shell areas with no HVAC be exempt for the requirements of Enhanced IAQ criteria?

Any guidance would be appreciated,