Our project is a 4-Story commercial office building. We are renovating the entire 4th floor, half of 3rd floor and a portion of 1st floor. The 2nd floor is existing office space. Existing occupied space on 3rd and 1st floors are office spaces. 1st floor has two tenants. The rest of the spaces is used by one tenant, our client.

The areas being renovated are completely empty spaces with very minimum demolition required. We are turning 3rd and 4th floor to office and storage spaces. The renovation on 1st floor is support space that includes a generator, switchgear, and electrical room. We are adding one HVAC system on the roof to provide A/C and ventilation for 3rd Floor and offices on 4th floor. Majority of 4th floor will be an open storage space with only ventilation. We are adding a PV System on the roof also.

Total project floor area is about 47,000 SF. We need to decide if this project should be Certified under BD&C or ID&C.

Will someone shed some light on which rating system is the best fit for our project?

Thank you in advance for your reply.