I am working on a building used to house sick children and their family after their treatment. It is not a healthcare building (i.e. no medical staff). The building contains many rooms (like a hotel) with shared lounge areas, kitchen and laundry facilities. Occupants remain their for a limited time - like they would in a hotel. Essentially this is a specialist hotel.

My question is - are these areas Residential (no in room kitchen etc), commercial (like a hotel) or institutional (I dont really know what this means?).

I have found a definition of Residential on LEED Online but I cannot find any definitions of the other space types. I am from Australia - so I am not sure if these definitions are part of US building codes etc.

I have assumed the building will be rated under NC 2009 but some credits (like SSc4.2 Bicycle Storage) also ask for the differentiation between residential and commercial - in these cases, I presume these are not residential.

Thanks for the help,