Hi Team,

We have received an inquiry from a large corporation with more than 20 buildings on the same campus that has 2.5 MW of solar on its roof and operates with net metering (supplying the Solar PV electricity generation to the grid and using the grid power for the entire campus).

Now They plan for LEED EB O&M and LEED zero carbon and energy for one of the buildings on the same campus, The solar PV array is not available in that building but nearest buildings (9 building roof have solar in 20 buildings)

Till now they didnot claim the solar power towards any raing like netzero and LEED, BREEAM

They can declare that the solar energy claimed for this building will not be claimed for any other building on that campus, and they did not sell renewable energy attributes.

Note -  The plan is to use the solar PV generation for LEED Zero carbon and LEED Zero Energy certifications.

Can you suggest how we can approach this scenario?

Some extra information

 1. Solar PV is available on nine buildings' roofs, and all are connected to the grid and metering separately.

 2. No building is LEED certified

 3. They did not sell the EA in the market

We need a special virtual meeting to get better clarity.

Waiting for your valuable feedback.