We’re in search for a suitable software to do the Interior and daylighting analyses for LEED V4. I asked LEED coach and they said the to do the LEED sDA and ASE, the simulation software must adopt IES  Lighting Measurement 83 (LM-83) method. We would like to ask if you guys have experiences and successful results with the following software:

  • Sefaira plugin for Sketchup ( http://sefaira.com/sefaira-architecture/) , very easy-to-use software, beautiful output pictures. And they claims that the software is optimized for LEED v4 with  the capability of doing sDA and ASE. But I’m not sure if the software if this software follows LM-83 and got accepted by USGBC? Anyone has used this software for calculation? 
  • Autodesk Revit 2017-2018 LEED daylighting calculation, which is integrated in Insight 360 plugins (https://goo.gl/4cJm5L)
  • IES VE Daylighting simulation: as far as I know, this software has been used by many LEED v3 project right? (https://goo.gl/dyg758)
  • -GI32 Licaso plugins: we asked the software developer and they said this software is designed for LEED v4 analyses: (https://www.agi32.com/index.php?id=119-CBDM)