We have a project with a primer being used for the installation of the exterior curtain wall. It is used in the connection of the framing, so as we understand it needs to comply with IEQ4.1 VOC limits.
The primers of concern have VOCs of 742g/L and 857g/L in a non-porous application.
The product manufacturer claims that "during application, the carrier solvent typically evaporates off quickly, allowing the active ingredients to begin to react with atmospheric moisture and bonding surfaces.It means that the effect of VOCs by the solvent will be minor after installation of the curtain wall." There appears to be no alternative to this primer.
We are requiring the contractors to now implement the budget method in order to try not to lose the credit, although we don't know if it is going to work or not. Is it worth trying to argue that this primer application is going to have a negligible effect on VOC emissions into the interior environment?