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Lyle Axelarris


Building Enclosure Consultant

BPL Enclosure


Lyle Axelarris is a professional engineer, specializing in Building Enclosures. For 14 years at Design Alaska, he developed innovative techniques to reduce thermal bridging within building envelope assemblies, from slabs and piles to canopies and rooftop equipment, achieving R-90 roofs and R-60 walls for arctic and subarctic projects. He recently joined BPL Enclosure as a senior building enclosure consultant, where he continues to support the industry’s pursuit of high-performance buildings. Lyle performs hygrothermal modeling, forensic investigations, and building enclosure commissioning. During design, he works with clients to establish performance criteria, material selection, and barrier continuity strategies, resulting in high-performance detailing for cost-effective and constructible building enclosures.
His experience as a former journeyman carpenter has given him a unique insight into the role that proper detailing and construction technique has on building performance. Lyle also teaches Boston Architectural College’s Building Envelope course and the Building Enclosure section of the University of Washington’s Cold Regions Engineering course. His expertise in building enclosure design is driven by his passion to preserve material durability and indoor air quality for healthy, sustainable buildings.