We have a project that may be 1 point short of the next level certification after its Construction Final Review and we have been asked to look at options to add a credit or two as an "appeal" to reach the next threshold.

The building is already occupied and we are aware that, technically, the renewable energy system is supposed to be installed and operational prior to occupancy to earn the point.

So, here is my Question:
Would the GBCI potentially accept attempting this point as an add/appeal (post-occupancy) if we provide purchase orders and other information proving that it is in the process of being installed?

Whether pre- or post-occupancy, it seems like the end goal here is to encourage owners to implement renewable energy systems. This owner may be willing to consider implementing this system, but wants to be reasonably sure of earning the point because this is a high dollar item for this facility.

If anyone has any thoughts, I would be much obliged.