A bit of a twist from most of the queries above, this deals with a single building already registered as such (NC) but which is on a multi-building campus of existing buildings. Since we have to apply aspects of the campus site to this one building, we're thinking it may make more sense to go with the AGMBC approach rather than "gerrymander" the LEED boundary. The question is three-fold: Should we change the registration for this single NC building project from individually registered to MB/C registered, especially since the owner may decide later to certify via EBOM the other buildings on this campus? Can we? Secondly, do we have to register this as a new project with the same info as for the single building registration but check the box saying we're using the MB/C approach--calling it a Block--and then add the previously registered (and paid) single building to that block? If so, how does the fee work?