This question is somewhat related to Leah's question dated 1.23.2012, but a different circumstance. The vegetated area of the site is approximately 65,000 sf, comprised of 13k mixed, 22k warm season turf, and 30k 25+ year-old established trees. We are providing drip irrigation for the mixed vegetation, and sprinkler irrigation for the warm season turf. Since the existing trees are well established, there is no need for irrigation, and none has been provided.

For the design case, do we include the 30,000 sf of tree area that is not irrigated? If so, how do we properly demonstrate zero water consumption? Under 'Type,' I can select other and indicate 'None' and enter 0 for IE to in effect show zero irrigation. However, I do not believe this to be the correct way to do so. Please advise.