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Mr. Weaver is responsible for project delivery related to sustainability and leadership, working with local and national accounts to execute projects needing sustainable business expertise. In this capacity, Mr. Weaver consults with Fortune 500 business leaders, universities, and city, county, state and federal policy makers on issues related to LEED certification, high-performance design, net zero building, green building policies, green leases, and green job creation. Mr. Weaver works with clients to define desired business results and then develop the sustainable strategies to achieve those results across the client’s entire real estate portfolio, in order to enhance performance and improve overall asset value. His work reflects an enduring commitment to sustainability, and he strives to leverage his understanding of his client’s business, strategic direction, and overall vision to help them secure a lasting competitive advantage. Realizing that transforming a real estate portfolio is as much about the people as it is about building systems and infrastructure, Mr. Weaver works to transform business leaders and property teams by embedding sustainability as a core organizational competency. Such a transformation is essential for the next stage in the evolution of sustainable corporate real estate.

In addition to his role with JLL, Mr. Weaver is also an accomplished architect with an array of design experience. Mr. Weaver is a founder and principal of the award winning design firm Ecotekt, PLLC, an architecture firm that explores the seams between building and landscape, and interweaves the patterns of the built environment with its natural and social context. Mr. Weaver’s solutions to architecture, planning and community design problems embody enduring standards of design quality that examine the economic, ecological and social consequences of design. Implementing early stage integrated design practices, optimizing building performance, integrating smart material selection and specification, and employing rigorous post-occupancy performance benchmarking are all key components of the strategic sustainable design initiatives that Mr. Weaver brings to the profession and his projects. With an instinctive, in-depth ability to synthesize design ideas, technology and sustainability, Mr. Weaver is a dedicated professional and innate problem solver. He brings a team-oriented approach to the most difficult situations and finds workable solutions with resolve.

Mr. Weaver’s design work demonstrates a history of leadership in social ecology, sustainability and civic responsibility. Mr. Weaver’s personal philosophy of integrating an expression of purpose, connection to place and practical sustainability is the foundation of his design practice. Mr. Weaver’s projects have garnered much admiration for their inspired regionalism with their consistent climate-based and place-based design. Mr. Weaver masterfully combines climate-based design, “right-sizing” of buildings and systems, water and energy conservation, and use of local resources with new thinking about how to deconstruct buildings at the end of their useful lives. Mr. Weaver has employed sustainability as an essential condition that inspires and shapes the built environment’s form and character. The result is a structure that sits lightly on the earth, while deeply connecting the occupants with nature.

Prior to founding Ecotekt, Mr. Weaver was a senior project architect with Gensler, where he served as Technical Director of the Charlotte office, sustainable design practice area leader for the southeast region, and was a global account leader for Gensler’s national account with Bank of America. In his role as global account leader for the Bank of America account, Mr. Weaver shared a commitment to meeting BAC’s business objectives, while crafting inspirational, sustainable, efficient and productive workplaces. Mr. Weaver was directly responsible for developing standardized planning tools, interior architectural details, and material selection that were adopted as part of BAC’s design guidelines to be utilized across their entire administrative real estate portfolio. Utilizing a design approach that considers the space holistically - considering at the same time how people work most effectively, how materials are used, and how energy is consumed - Mr. Weaver’s work enabled Bank of America to fully utilize space and occupancy more efficiently and improve execution across the workplace. As a testament to Mr. Weaver’s drive, BAC realized budget saves of 10-15%, beat scheduled timelines, and achieved LEED CI Platinum certification for their corporate workplace at the Betsill facility in Charlotte, NC.