Myself and 3 others in the Cincinnati Regional Chapter did an intro to V4 event for chapter members tonight and fielded questions at the end.
A gentleman said he wants to generate a tenant design spec to all members of a condo association for an 18 unit single-story condo complex. Original construction was 1970's, so it is very due for upgrade. His impression is LEED Homes, when applied to renovation, pretty much forces going down to the "bones" and starting over. I recall hearing that Homes V4 was going to be more forgiving in this aspect. He wants to know what the best LEED approach might be. I don't believe V4 BD+C can fit due to single story residential nature. V4 has the "campus" and "group" approaches, might this be applicable here (since all condo residents will commit to a common specification)? Is it accurate that Homes V4 would be a better option than Homes V3? I do only commercial work, so I am not the right guy to field this questions - but I promised this gentleman I would ask and share what I found with the rest of the membership. Thank you.