(Please note--I apologize--but I am re-posting this question in what I hope is the correct location. My original posting of 2/15 was in a dialog about "campus boundaries" which was probably not the correct location for a "general" AGMBC question.)

I have successfully used the 2005 AGMBC for 2 LEED-NC v2.2 projects on a college campus with shared owner, standard policies/approaches/solutions, and almost seamless continuity between the separate projects. It was great tool! BUT when we started the first project ("Project #1") under the 2005 AGMBC, for example, and defined for the USGBC which credits would become the "prototypes" for future projects, we did not have subsequent projects literally in the works. They were master-planned, yes, but not under concurrent construction. So these "prototyped" and approved credits from certified Project #1 were then available for use in subsequent projects when we were ready for them at some point in the future. And when Project #2 was reviewed for certification, these prototyped credits from Project #1 were accepted/approved and streamlined the whole process nicely.

So, in trying to understand the 2010 AGMBC (forgive me if I ask a stupid question)--it does not seem possible to use approved credits ("prototypes") in the same way. In other words, it seems that you can no longer set aside approved prototypes as the compliance path for some non-specific future projects--and, it seems, must be working on at least 2 projects concurrently (and for some credits, under the same construction contract) to benefit from the new 2010 AGMBC approach.

Please verify and/or comment.

Thanks very much for your help!