Our client has taken ownership of a property that was LEED certified many years ago under an older version of LEED, maybe NCv2.1.  They would like to build a new LEED certified structure on some of the green space that was located within the original project boundary.  I haven't seen all of the original project documentation (and may not be able to get it since it is a different owner), but my assumptions are that the green space was used to achieve both the Open Space and Stormwater Quantity reduction credits.  

So, my questions are:  

1. What is the impact to the original project's LEED certification, if any?

2. Can the new project meet the MPR requirements and achieve LEED certification if the new project boundary would be entirely within the original project boundary?

3. Does the new project need to (or should it) replace the green space that is being removed for the new project?  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.