Our Project got 100% diversion. This was a result of a very hard work implemented by the builder, the owner and the entire costruction team. They even recycled the wrapping pappers from the paving blocks. They trained the workers, there was a person auditing the construction site full time every day, they even found a company that recycled cement bags, a hazardous waste, which does not count for this credit but we'd like to mention to illustrate the effort that was implemented. All this and the final review decision was to deny the 2 points of the credit and 1 point of exemplary performance....Was all or nothing, very unfair.
Now we are entering the appeal stage but we don't even know what type of arguments we could use to prove all the actions taken. On the preliminar review we already submitted all the waste haul receipts, spreadsheets and a letter signed by the general contractor stating all the actions taken to achieve such result. And the comitee denied. Is it even worth to try? How? What other type of documentation could we possibly submit to prove this?