Under Option 2. Commissioning using Prescriptive Path. 2. Fundamental Commissioning of Central HVAC Systems you have to meet the performance testing and ongoing maintenance requirements of EA Prerequisite Fundamental Commissioning and Verification of LEED v4 for New Construction for central commercial heating, cooling, water heating and ventilation systems. Does this mean you have to follow all requirements listed in this prerequisite including those listed under the commissioning authority (CxA) must do the following, commissioning authority having the required qualifications, and all items listed under Prepare and maintain a current facilities requirements and operations and maintenance plan? Or do you only need to comply with the requirements listed under Mid-Rise-v4 EAp1 Option 2, 2. Fundamental Commissioning of Central HVAC Systems: 

  • Develop a system test procedure.
  • Verify system test execution.
  • Maintain an issues and benefits log throughout the commissioning process.
  • Document all findings and recommendations and report directly to the owner throughout the process.
  • Prepare and maintain a current facilities requirements and operations and maintenance plan documenting information necessary for efficient building operations.