The project is located on a 2.67 ha L-shaped site and it consists on the following:
• 4 underground levels of parking
• 3 levels of retail (covering the entire site)
• 3 towers that come out of the retail (the three towers start out at the 4th level)

This project will be built on different phases being the 1st phase:
• One of the three towers (office building)
• The retail under the office building
• The 4 subfloors for parking under the retail

All 1st phase will apply for LEED certification. The 1st phase is currently under DD and the MEP is not yet specified. This 1st phase will have separate MEP from the rest of the project.

The LEED project boundary must include all contiguous land that is associated with and supports normal building operations for the LEED project building, including all land that was or will be disturbed for the purpose of undertaking the LEED project.

Is it ok to establish the LEED project boundary as only a portion of the site since only the 1st phase will apply for certification?

We need to establish what the LEED Boundary will have to cover so we can know if the erosion and stormwater sedimentation controls regarding SSP1 need to be implemented on the entire site or only in the portion of it.