For LEED v4.1 EB O&M projects, I understand that Energy Performance scores are assigned in the Arc platform by considering a building's floor area, occupancy, and operating hours. And that space types are not used to consider scores.

Considering a data center project with high energy consumption from IT equipment but exceptionally low PUE (indicating the vast majority of energy consumed is from IT equipment, and the cooling system operates very efficiently), how does such a project have any shot of meeting the Energy Performance prerequisite? Much less gain any additional points for this credit? The way the Arc platform currently functions, it seems that data centers are penalized for their IT equipment loads since they have inherently low occupancy density and so will never measure up to other building types (such as offices) on an emissions-per-occupant or emissions-per-sf basis.

What alternative compliance paths exist in the v4.1 O&M rating system in such cases?