A client of mine just bought a partial complete building, which is bascally a shell of concrete structure but intended to be a commercial office building for leasing after full completion. He wants to do something good and LEED is one of the first things that came to his mind. I told him it's too late to apply for LEED CS as it's already in late construction stage but he may consider doing LEED CI for two of the 20 floors he is going to occupany (the rest 18 will be for leasing). His question is if it's possible to do LEED CI for the common areas, basically lobbies, corrirors, and toilets. I told him I'm not aware of any precedent but will check and get back to him.

Is it possible to apply for LEED CI for two floors + all common areas of the building, or LEED CI for just all common areas of the building.