My question is also about the rating system selection. We are considering LEED certification for a new construction project that will consist of 3 commercial retail spaces on the first floor and 9 condominium units total on the second and third floors. The lot is zoned commercial and it is in the town business district. Using the rating system selector, it seems that we technically (because of the commercial zoning) could use the NC rating system, but it also seems that if we hire a Homes provider, that the condominiums could be LEED for Homes certified, but what would we do with the commercial area of the building? My understanding is that the whole building needs to be certified, so would we have to use both rating systems? Also, it seems that the fundamental commissioning requirement of NC would be difficult because, as of now, the individual units will have separate HVAC systems and they would all need to be verified, as well as the commercial spaces? We are concerned about costs, but if we can get over the hurdle of the system selection, we can move on to a cost analysis to see if perusing LEED (any system) certification is within budget.
Thank you.