Hi, I have a question about the rating system to use for our project.

Our projet is a Rehability center for Children (90 childrens of 6 to 18 year old). The center will operate twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week. This center will be operated by a governement agency.

This center will provide some reeducation service and follow up on the behavior of the resident. This center will include emergency section for kid in crisis time to secure them.

The center will host kids with

  • Psychological problem
  • Vulnerability
  • Mental handicap
  • Physical handicap
  • Autistic disablility

Almost of the children will sleep on site and will be in secure zone with surveillance. The center will have a lot of clinical space for the kid. 

When we look to the 40/60 rule we consider that we have more than 70% of clinical space but it is not medical treatment like in a hospital, it is more like "psychological" and mind treatement.

At first we think that we must use LEED Healthcare, but when I look to the description of LEED V4 at: https://www.usgbc.org/leed-tools/rating-system-selection-guidance

It is stated that the building must be an "HOSPITAL". Our center won't provide "chirurgical" intervention like in hospital. The center will be more like   a inpatient care facility like it is explain in the Rating system selection guidance fo LEED 2009 (https://lorisweb.com/LEEDv4/GA/GA_READ/GA07_LEED_2009_Rating_System_Selection_Guidance.pdf). 

So the question is: 

Can we use the LEED Healthcare for our project with the "minding" of the LEED 2009 (inpatient care facility) ? 

At this time, everything is set-up (Arch, Mechanical and electrical) in our project to follow LEED HC. 

Thank you for your time