I have a project that is undergoing discussion regarding which rating system to use. For all practical purposes, it is an interior fit-out of 4 floors of a hospital tower for a new unit. The project scope is about 200,000 SF of an 8 Million SF hospital. The address is the same - there is no differential for the tower vs the entire hospital.

The project is removing all existing non-structural walls, interior finishes, lighting, HVAC, and plumbing (for these 4 floors). The project is not touching the exterior, the roof, and trying not to touch the windows.

In reviewing the ratings systems against the project scope, I am leaning heavily towards the ID+C CI rating system, as for the project to count as major renovation we would need to be touching at least 40% of the overall building area (we are touching only about 2.5%).

The "gray" area is that the "tenant" is hospital function (24/7) - but without a separate building address, if we went BD+C HC we would have to encompass the entire 8 Million SF (98% of which is not being touched).

I have posed the question to GBCI/USGBC almost 2 weeks ago - with no response.