Our building is a renovation project in which the developer does a total refurbishment of building base systems and building shell.
The building is mainly office building, a small part appr. 20% is occupied by a school.
The developer will not occupy a single sf in this building.
The fit-out will be done as tennants come in (for each tennant space at a time). The control over fit-out remains with the tennant and the developer builds the fit-out with his contractor according to tennant specs.
I am not sure weather it is core&shell or not and I might be in a grey zone, from what i understand from the comments in this forum.
So my first question is if you would consider the project Core&Shell.

We asked for a clarification of another topic on this project (CIR) and the answer also included a comment on the core &shell. "Core and Shell is the appropriate rating system to use if more than 40% of the gross floor area is incomplete at the time of certification." We were asked to make sure weather Core &Shell is the right system. I have not seen this statement before and it does not make sense for me in this connection.
My second question is if you have seen in before and can make sense out of it in connection with Core&shell?

Thanks a lot in advance.